Samantha Gruskin Product Manager  —  Software Engineer
San Francisco, CA


I'm a team-oriented, forward-thinking Product Manager with a diverse skill set and passion for user-focused design.

  • I can speak in code — I can work independently with engineers and product designers, to translate technical concepts for the appropriate audience.
  • I live for bringing conceptualizations to life, and shipping great products that people love to use.
  • With product design, I’m led by empathy for the user — I am carefully attuned to the user's needs and desires, and can turn that into a great experience.
  • I have a keen eye for great user flows and design. I’m passionate about making seamless, easy-to-use products.


I've spent the first five years of my career as a full-stack web developer, at companies of all different sizes (12 - 80K+ employees) in fast-paced, highly collaborative environments. I've worked on everything from configuring servers for large-scale data centers, designing and building complex backend systems, making responsive tools and demo apps, to quickly turning around websites with modern web frameworks.

While I will always enjoy coding, I've learned that I love to:

  • work cross-functionally, both with internal and external stakeholders,
  • strategize and understand the bigger-picture company priorities,
  • collaborate closely with designers through product inception, and
  • plan the future success of a product, by iterating and experimenting, while balancing the ability to move fast and fail early.


traveling the world, hiking in the sunshine, natural photography, cooking & baking, foodie explorations, weekend adventures, very dark chocolate

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