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Programming is an art form.

I love coding! I find myself tuning everything else out around me and losing track of time until I finish a coding project. To me, programming is an art form because there are so many ways to approach a problem and each programmer has his or her own unique style.

I consider web development to be a relaxing and creative programming outlet. It is fun to be handed a design file and make it come to life in a web browser. I am detail oriented, so I honestly enjoy spending time tweaking a website’s stylesheet to perfection. I also love working “behind the scenes” on a site, making a fast and seamless backend system. I have created dynamic, content-managed websites so clients can easily make updates without having to touch any code. I also enjoy making scripts that make other’s lives easier.

I have had a love for technology as far back as I can remember, which eventually led to my interest in programming. Outside of the technology world, I enjoy cooking and baking in my free time.

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